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Who is Nahla Ariela Aubry? Meet Halle Berry’s Daughter

When the kid turned 14, the Oscar-winning actress, Halle Berry, took Instagram to express her love for her little one. The heart-warming caption of the post reads:

“14 years ago, I was blessed to give birth to an “Earth Angel” and I named her Nahla Ariela! Humbled by your presence and overjoyed at the same time! Happy Birthday, Nahla boo!”

Many celebrities, too, showered their love and birthday wishes on the child. 

Halle Berry, now 55, calls herself fortunate to have a doting daughter. Here’s everything about her daughter and their mother-daughter relationship. 

Who is Nahla Ariela Aubry? 

Nahla Ariela Aubry was born in Los Angeles, California, on the 6th of March, 2008, to Halle Berry and Canadian model, Gabriel Aubrey. Berry started dating the model in November 2005. However, the couple parted ways in April 2010. 

A Long Judicial Battle for Custody 

When Halle and Gabriel separated, the lengthy custody battle for Nahla followed. The media labeled it as one of the most highly publicized celebrity custody battles of all time. The father wanted joint custody of their child, but the mother had different plans. She wanted to move in with her then-fiance, actor Olivier Martinez in France with the daughter. 

Gabriel expressed his objection to her decision and mentioned that her decision would be an obstacle to the joint custody of the child. The court sustained his objection in November 2012 and closed the case a month after the mother agreed to amicable custody. 

Earlier in 2012, Gabriel put forth a demand of $50,000 from Halle for the expenses of their child. He also stated that the child support amount must be increased by $20,000 each month, and the court ruled in his favor. Things took an ugly turn when Olivier and Gabriel had a physical altercation. The former was even admitted to a hospital in LA. 

Olivier filed a report against Gabriel, and the court granted him an emergency protective order. The order stated that Gabriel is not allowed to come anywhere within 100 yards of him, Halle, and Nahla. 

Two years later, Halle was ordered to pay $16,000 per month in child support. She was also liable to pay another $115,000 that she owed to her ex-husband and $300,000 for his attorney’s fee. Later, a California judge signed off on Halle and cut the child support to half. 

The former couple still shares joint custody of their daughter. They were even spotted together with Nahla at a carnival in Los Angeles. 

Where Does Nahla Live Now? 

At present, the young Nahla is raised by her mother alongside a brother that Halle had from one of her failed marriages, Maceo Robert Martinez. Not much information is provided about the kids as their mother prefers a more personal life. It was reported that in 2020, she decided to home-school her kids because of the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Things You Didn’t Know About Halle and Nahla 

We promise you did not know these things about Nahla and her mother. 

Her Parents Never Married Each Other 

Although Halle and Gabriel were together for five years, they did not get married. The couple lived together, but the marriage was never on the cards for them. When they separated, the actress made an allegation against Gabriel that he abused her emotionally and was involved in an incestuous relationship with one of her siblings. 

Swimming Destroyed Nahla’s Hair 

Halle revealed that she was forced to cut her daughter’s hair because it was destroyed due to regular sessions of swimming during Covid. She told how Nahla would hate getting her hair brushed after her swimming sessions which let it be matted fur. 

When the Mother Got Frustrated of Homeschooling Her Children 

The outbreak of Covid brought all the lives to a standstill and many people had to change their lifestyles and routines. Because the schools were shut, Halle decided to home-school her kids. But it was not easy for the mother as she was mostly left frustrated. The kids barely showed any interest. 

Nahla Lives a Private Life 

Nahla has entered her teenage years, and her mother ensures that her privacy remains protected by all means. It is the reason why the media is not able to find out a lot about the daughter. 

Halle Berry Married Three Times 

Although Halle Berry has never been a fan of marriage, she walked down the aisle thrice. She first married David Justice in 1992. The marriage lasted five years, after which the couple parted their ways. She even got a restraining order against her first husband. Her second marriage took place in 2001 to Eric Benet. Unfortunately, their relationship could not last long. In 2005, it emerged that the husband cheated on his wife, and she decided to end their marriage. 

Her third marriage to Olivier Martinez, too, failed to stand the test of time.

Nahla Likes to Keep it Stylish 

Although she is still a teenager, Nahla knows how to keep it stylish. Halle once stated that the little one had a passion for fashion since a young age. She told in an interview that if she picks out her clothes and says, “Here’s what we are going to wear today”, Nahla says, “Nope, we are not. I do not even try it anymore”

Halle is a Protective Mother 

Halle is passionate about protecting her daughter from the public eye. For instance, she once sued a photographer for trespassing on her property to click pictures of her then-infant daughter. Additionally, the mother also got into a screaming match with a paparazzi who tried to capture images of her daughter outside her child’s school. 

When Halle Put an Official Statement About Protecting her Child’s Privacy 

The protective mother once put out a statement to clarify that she was willing to fight hard to protect the privacy of her little one. She quoted:

“I have long since come to terms with the fact that choosing a career as an actress has made me a public figure, but my baby has made no such choice, and unless and until she does, I will do everything I can to keep her out of the public eye”. 

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