Najwa Nimri: similarities between his character from La Casa de Papel and from Vis a Vis

Najwa Nimri: similarities between his character from La Casa de Papel and from Vis a Vis

The premiere of the first volume of the fifth season from The Money Heist generated a stir on social media. The fiction, created by Alex Pina and directed by Jesus Colmenar, has been installed as one of the favorites of users since its arrival at the streaming giant and is currently among the more views from Netflix worldwide. One of the great strengths of the series are its characters so solid, engaging and friendly in a context in which it seems not worth it.

In each of the seasons, The Money Heist took the opportunity to make additions to the cast. One of them happened two seasons ago and became one of the favorites. Is about Najwa Nimri, who plays the Inspector Alicia sierra. This is not the first time that the actress has worked on a successful Álex Pina series: she had already done it in Vis a Vis, where he excelled in the leading role of Zulema Zahir. That is why here we explain all the points in common between both characters.

+3 similarities between Zulema Zahir and Alicia Sierra

3. Be careful with their threats

The recluse of South Cross and the inspector know how to perfectly find the weak point of the people they deal with. The first one is offender and must serve his sentence in jail. The second apparently fulfills the role of policeman and seeks to prevent others from carrying out their crimes. However, both have something very strong in common: they discover which is the perfect threat to scare your enemies and they always comply.

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2. The worst attack

With Zulema Zahir and Alicia Sierra, they are not just words. Although they can get other characters to back off their actions after their handling and verbal threats, sometimes that also lead to a Physical attack real. The dam, for example, injured several of her companions from Cruz del Sur and Cruz del Norte. For her part, the future mother of The Money Heist until tortured Rio (Miguel Herrán) after his intervention at the Fábrica de Moneda y Timbre.

1. His specialty: negotiating

In the end, both of Najwa Nimri’s characters have a personality very similar. Not only are they very frontal to threaten and attack, but they also often choose to negotiate with his opponents. In fact, in The Money Heist This is even more explicit: the inspector is responsible for communicating from the tent set up outside the Bank of Spain to try to achieve a agreement between the band of robbers and national security.

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