Top 20 Strongest Weapons in Naruto

Naruto is the narrative of Naruto Uzumaki, a young kid who aspires to become the Hokage and command the ninja world’s respect. It’s no surprise that Naruto has a lot of weaponry, given that the tale is largely centered on ninja battle. 

Strongest Weapons In Naruto

While the majority of them are pretty ordinary and unremarkable, there are certain weapons that are dreaded across the world and others that have the potential to destroy the whole planet if they fall into the wrong hands. Here are the 20 strongest weapons in Naruto History.

Top 20 Strongest Weapons In Naruto

1. Nunoboko’s Sword

The Nunoboko sword said to have been held by the Sage of Six Paths himself, was a strong weapon made from Truth-Seeking Orbs. This weapon has been said to have the capacity to shape the whole planet and, if the user so desires, it may also destroy it. In the Fourth Great Ninja War, Obito Uchiha utilized a variation of this sword but was unable to vanquish Naruto and Sasuke. This weapon was possibly far more powerful under Hagoromo.

2. The Treasured Tools of Sage of Six Paths

The Sage of Six Paths’ Treasured Tools is a collection of legendary tools originally wielded by Hagoromo Otsutsuki himself in Naruto. It is stated that its might is greater than that of the Five Kages. Bashosen, Benihisago, Kohaku no Johei, Kokinjo, Shichiseiken, and Kokinjo have all been passed down‌ the generations in Hidden Cloud. The use of them requires a large quantity of chakra, which is why no average shinobi has attempted to utilize them. Kinkaku and Ginkaku were the only shinobis who could withstand these weapons, and Darui used them in the Fourth Great Ninja War to show off his tremendous chakra.

3. Chakra Cannon

Kumogakure advanced in the realm of science by leaps and bounds after the Fourth Great Ninja War, eventually developing a formidable chakra cannon. Although it required time and a lot of chakras to build the weapon, once it was finished, it could easily generate enough power to blow out the entire moon. As a result, it has the potential to destroy a planet and is arguably one of the story’s most powerful weapons.

4. Totsuka Blade

The Totsuka Blade is another ethereal weapon in Naruto’s universe, and Itachi Uchiha used it as well. This sword was extremely strong, and Itachi Uchiha’s Susano’o wielded it. It had the ability to enslave whomever it came into touch within a realm of genjutsu for all time.

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5. Yata Mirror

Yata Mirror

Yata Mirror was an ethereal weapon used by Itachi Uchiha in Naruto that was indestructible in shape, size, and form. The Yata Mirror was supposed to be the user’s most powerful defense weapon, making Itachi’s Susanoo indestructible. Any spiritual or physical attack might be neutralized by the weapon.

6. Tools Creation Technique

Naruto’s Tools Creation Technique has the unique ability to create weapons out of chakra. He has the power to conjure many weapons of all forms and sizes at the same time and telekinetically manipulate them. Kinshiki used this ability to corner Sasuke and exit the battle, thereby overpowering him.

7. Puppet of the Third Kazekage

The Third Kazekage Puppet, created by none other than Sasori, was a human puppet with all of Kazekage’s powers. Sasori may use it to fully use powers like the Magnet Release Kekkei Genkai. When paired with the capacity to employ various poisons, the Third Kazekage Puppet may be exceedingly dangerous if used correctly. It’s no wonder that this weapon is highly hazardous, given that this Kage is one of the strongest in Sunagakure’s history.

8. Blade of Kusanagi

Kusanagi Blade, wielded by Orochimaru, is a legendary weapon in the Naruto universe. This sword was observed being telekinetically controlled when used against Hiruzen Sarutobi. The Kusanagi Blade was shown extending to a tremendous extent against Naruto Uzumaki, demonstrating its exceptional abilities. Sasuke Uchiha wields the Kusanagi Blade as well, although it is unknown what makes his weapon unique.

9. Samehada

Samehada is a Sentient Blade in Naruto, and it shares a symbiotic relationship with its wielder. It is the most fearsome blade of the Seven Ninja Swords of Mist. By slashing through its opponents, Samehada is able to absorb its chakra. The weapon has the power to fuse with its users in part, granting them vast amounts of chakra. It has the ability to instantly heal their wounds and can also entirely merge with them to go on a rampage.

10. Hiramekarei

Hiramekarei, another strong blade, is wielded by Chojuro, the Sixth Mizukage of Kirigakure. Chojuro, on the other hand, was not the one who made this blade renowned. Mangetsu Hozuki, one of the Mist’s most powerful ninjas, had wielded the weapon before him. Despite Mangetsu’s mastery of all seven swords, it looked that Hiramekarei was his weapon of choice. This sword can absorb the user’s chakra and transform itself into a variety of weapons.

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11. Kubikiribocho

Kubikiribocho, also known as the Executioner’s Blade, is one of Kirigakure’s most powerful swords. Zabuza Momochi, the Demon of the Mist, was the first to wield this blade. Suigetsu began using this sword later in the novel, and others, such as Killer Bee and Kakashi Hatake, have also held it. This sword is said to be extremely sharp and, more importantly, it becomes stronger by swallowing the blood of its foes. The sword can mend itself if it is shattered by absorbing the iron in the blood of those it kills.

12. Uchiwa Gunbai

Uchiwa Gunbai

This weapon, also known as Gunbai Fan, is one of the greatest the Uchiha clan has in the Naruto series. Madara Uchiha, in his heyday, and Obito Uchiha after him, both utilized it frequently. This fan has unique capabilities that allow it to reflect any chakra back to the user by transforming it into the wind. It’s also extremely sturdy, having served the Uchiha clan for decades upon generations.

13. Shurado

Shurado is one of Rinnegan’s most underappreciated talents, yet it is extremely hazardous. Shurado enables any Rinnegan user to conjure robotic armor and even weaponry like energy cannons. Shurado, depending on whose weapon it is wielding, has a lot of power compared to your normal Naruto weapon. Shurado’s skills have earned it the moniker “Warring Demon,” which further emphasizes the terror it inspires in its foes.

14. Rods for Chakras

Chakra rods are a unique weapon that can only be made by those who have been endowed with the power of the Six Paths and the Rinnegan. Pain, who could make chakra rods from his body and use them to stab people, first revealed this power to fans. The rods are very hazardous, not only because they cause terrible damage to others, but also because they transfer the wielder’s chakra directly into their bodies, disrupting their own flow and making fighting difficult.

15. The Kusanagi Sword of Sasuke

Sasuke Uchiha handles the Kusanagi blade in the same way as Orochimaru does, although his version looks to be significantly different. Sasuke’s sword is incredibly long, allowing him to inflict a great quantity of damage on his opponents. Sasuke can also improve the cutting strength of the Kusanagi sword by channeling energy through it. This blade could cut through Kubikiribocho at its finest, making it one of the best Naruto weapons.

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16. 7 Swords of the Killer Bee

7 Swords of the Killer Bee

After Sasuke’s fight with his brother, Itachi Uchiha, Killer Bee made her debut in the Naruto series. Sasuke soon had to confront Bee, and he was greeted with a challenger who almost killed him twice, much to everyone’s amazement. Killer Bee fought with seven razor-sharp blades, holding them in strange configurations but being very effective with them. Despite the fact that Sasuke had a Mangekyo Sharingan, Bee’s blades were so rapid that he couldn’t react in time to avoid being sliced apart.

17. Jhei no Kohaku

The Benihisago, another of the Sage of Six Paths’ Treasured Tools, is identical to Kohaku no Jhei. This one, on the other hand, is both more powerful and simpler to operate because it simply requires the target to reply to the user’s voice.

18. Kiba

One of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist’s ancestral weapons is this set of twin blades. It’s an electrified set of blades that, in the hands of someone who can utilize Lightning Release, become even more powerful. When using the blades to channel high-powered Jutsu, the user expands significantly less chakra than they would otherwise. They’re supposed to be used together, although they may also be used alone.

19. Bashōsen


The Bashosen is one of the Sage of Six Paths’ Treasured Tools, a collection of weapons that most humans are unable to use. This fan can summon all five elemental chakra natures by executing a mental command.

20. Kabutowari

The Seven Swordsmen of the Mist use Kabutowari as one of their weapons. Its effectiveness is dependent on the person because it lacks any supernatural abilities. It’s made out of a large hammer attached to a massive axe by a leather strap. The hammer may be used to generate shockwaves similar to those produced by several Earth Release procedures.

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