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NASA revealed the existence of the first planet outside the milky way

For years, various nations have allocated millionaire funds to study of the universe and their respective galaxies. The whole world is curious to know what lies beyond the ozone layer that covers the planet Earth. It is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the well-known NASA, one of the international agencies that has made the most progress on the matter. A few hours ago they revealed the possible existence of the first star that has been detected outside the Milky Way.

The find has become quite an event. So far, of the almost 5,000 exoplanets found, they had never detected one outside the solar system and the orbit where the Earth is located. The astro comes from the Messier 51 galaxy and is located about 28 million light years from the spiral in which our planet is located.

It was thanks to a telescope last generation that managed to find the star that has surprised everyone in the scientific community. In this way, the team of X-rays Chandra confirmed the existence of this new planet thanks to a light blocking process and a decrease in brightness that only the device is capable of achieving over great distances.

How it was possible to discover the new planet

A scientist, from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, was the one who released all the details. Rosanne Di Stefano explained to the media how the incredible operation was carried out. Although he detailed that the first conclusions determine that we are in the presence of a new planet, all the evidence that has been collected so far is still being analyzed. In addition, the woman reported that it would be, according to the first calculations, almost the same size as Saturn.

“It is a unique method, specially designed to find planets around X-ray binaries at any distance from which we can measure a light curve ”, indicated the astrophysicist when consulted by the media. It is that several journalists were curious to know how they managed to find the first planet which was found outside the Milky Way.

He also revealed that the implemented technique is not new and that it is the same that has been used to find other exoplanets. Even the modern telescope is capable of detecting “temporary eclipses” thanks to sporadic light blockages that are caused every time the planet, in its orbit, manages to cross in front of X-ray emitting equipment.

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