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NASA’s Perseverance detects a ‘swirling spaghetti’-like object on Mars

NASA’s Perseverance rover has discovered a particularly strange piece of debris while traversing the surface of Mars: a coiled, rope-like, “spaghetti”-shaped piece of unidentified material.

The image was captured by the Perseverance rover, nicknamed Percy,’s front-facing cameras that monitor the landscape to protect him when he drives or uses his robotic arm.

Scientists were unable to determine the exact nature of the object. Most experts believe that the tangle of the material may be another piece of debris from a previous NASA mission.

This isn’t the first time Percy has encountered NASA junk on the otherwise pristine planet. Perseverance has seen remnants of her landing gear from near and far. In particular, in June the rover saw a small piece of thermal blanket embedded in a rock.

“My team has detected something unexpected: It is a piece of a thermal blanket that they believe may have come from my descent stage, the rocket-powered jetpack that brought me down on landing day in 2021,” team members tweeted. from Perseverance after the photo of the glowing object went viral.

Perseverance is busy collecting a variety of precious specimens from Jezero Crater, a fascinating region of the Red Planet that contains what is believed to be an ancient river delta, a prime location to search for signs of ancient microbial life.

Scientists hope that rocky materials recovered from the crater will provide clues as to whether Mars once harbored life.

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