“Natalia Almarcha’s powerful response to Risto Mejide: A must-read message”

“Natalia Almarcha’s powerful response to Risto Mejide: A must-read message”

Hours after the Breakup Confirmation: Natalia Almarcha Speaks Up

Hours after Risto Mejide confirmed his breakup with Natalia Almarcha on social media, Natalia herself has decided to address the situation. Visibly upset, she starts her message by stating that she has tried to maintain her anonymity, but now feels the need to make her account public to defend herself.

A Clear Conscience

Natalia specifically refers to a phrase from Risto’s published text where he claims that he will not give his version of the story. She wants to make it clear that she has a clean conscience and has given her all to the relationship. Despite facing harsh criticism and exposing herself more than she desired, she claims to have treated Risto impeccably and will continue to defend him. She believes that she does not deserve the negative comments surrounding her.

No Intentions of Sharing Details

Natalia asserts that out of respect, she will not share any details of her relationship with anyone. She also mentions that she could use this opportunity to give her side of the story but chooses not to. Additionally, she asks for respect from the press, highlighting the illegality of publishing private content from her closed Instagram and manipulating it to create conflicts.

Instagram Profile Made Public

Natalia goes on to mention that until recently, her Instagram profile was private, only allowing accepted followers to see its content. However, following the events with Risto Mejide, she has made her profile public, allowing everyone to see her posts. In one of her recent posts, she expresses her disappointment with the world’s excess of hypocrisy and narcissism, emphasizing that she does not belong to that world.

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