Natalia Salas and Sergio Coloma got engaged in the United States | VIDEO

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Natalia Salas She got engaged to Sergio Coloma, the agronomist with whom she has been in a relationship for approximately four years and who is also the father of her young son Leandro.

The actress was surprised by her partner with the expected ring during the trip that they are doing in Los Angeles, California (United States), with their baby and some other relatives.

It was the ex-host of “Amércia Hoy” who He shared the news with all his Instagram followers through his Stories. Initially, he wrote a mysterious message that raised the alarm of his fans.

“I have something to tell you”, indicated and immediately proceeded to publish The videos of the moment when her now boyfriend shows her the box with the ring and asks her: “Will you marry me?”.

True to his style and without leaving his comic side, Salas is surprised and says: “That?! I want them to look at me! … Look! “, addressing the people who passed by his side to witness the romantic moment.

After that, the couple gave a passionate kiss to seal the proposal that took place in front of the castle of Disneyland California, that at that time they were visiting.

Let us remember that the relation of Natalia Salas and Sergio Coloma started in mid-2017. In 2019, when the actress participated in “The Artist of the Year”, she could not help but get excited when she revealed how the love story with her partner began.

“Sergio and I have been here for two years. We met by chance. I have to admit, I saw him and said: ‘This boy is handsome.’ I asked his cousin what his sentimental situation was and he said he is single, and I: ‘Hello’. We started talking and we didn’t stop talking to each other ”, he narrated.

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“He has always supported me in everything and is my number 1 fan (…) I always dreamed of having a beautiful, healthy love, someone who lifts you up, helps you to be a better person and today, almost 32 years old, I have found my ideal partner ”, he assured at that time.

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