Natalia Salas’ boyfriend told the strategies he used to keep the proposal for a hand secret

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The actress Natalia Salasand her boyfriend Sergio Coloma were encouraged to reveal all the details of how the proposal was made, which moved the followers of the actress, after she published the precise moment when her boyfriend opened the box and asked him if he wanted to marry he.

Salas assured, in the program ‘You are in all‘, who never imagined that during her trip to Disney World her boyfriend would have this surprise prepared for her. While Sergio told how were the preparations for that special day and even the difficulties that happened to keep everything a secret.

At the request for a hand I was (paralyzed), but in my head I knelt, opened the ring, people surrounded us, applauded, but when I walked to the place I said: ‘I want something more private and it was not possible’. So, I opened the box and was (shaking)”, Revealed Sergio Coloma.

The actress’s boyfriend explained that he started looking for the ideal ring when Natalia was pregnant, which was difficult because the country was under strict restrictions due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

We were in the middle of a pandemic and they told me, find out if such a store is open (outside the country), but they wanted to send me a catalog and I said: ‘Natalia is going to find out.’ The truth is that she is in all of them. So, I said it has to be in Peru and a friend took me to the most expensive jewelry in Lima and asked about the black diamond and they didn’t have”, He revealed excitedly Sergio Coloma.

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But there was not everything, when he returned to the store to find out if the jewel he wanted arrived, he was surprised that the saleswoman was the mother of his best friend from college, who managed to get him the black diamond.

One day he calls me on the phone and says: ‘I have it, you can talk,’ I answered no because Natalia was next to me. When I hung up, Natalia asked me for the phone to order lunch while the lady wrote me the details of the ring on WhatsApp and I asked Adriana (Natalia’s sister) to take my cell phone: ‘It’s the jewelry store, I’ve bought her an engagement ring ‘. Adriana told her: ‘Sister, don’t pick up the cell phone, Sergio is going to give you some earrings (surprise) and he returned it there“Sergio added with a laugh.

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