“Natalie Portman Keeps Wedding Ring On After Exposing Husband’s Alleged Infidelity”

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The Rumors

The marriage of Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied would not be going through a good moment after rumors of infidelity. It all started when a French magazine assured that Benjamin had been in a secret affair with “a young French woman”.

Natalie Reappears in Public

Despite the rumors, Natalie Portman has been seen in public wearing her wedding ring, including at a recent tennis match. She appeared happy and relaxed, showing no signs of any marital problems.

Natalie’s and Ring Steal the Show

At the tennis match, Portman appeared stunning in a floral print spring dress, a Christian Dior hat, sunglasses, and a black bag. Most eyes, however, were on her left hand, which bore her spectacular ring with a four-carat diamond designed by jeweler Jamie Wolf.

The Marriage in Crisis

Recent images of Natalie wearing her wedding ring are in line with People magazine’s report that the couple is “doing everything they can to save their marriage.” According to a close source, Benjamin is “doing everything possible to make Natalie forgive him,” as his rumored infidelity “did not last long and is over.”

Camille Étienne: The Other Woman?

The French magazine Voici identified “Camille Étienne,” a 25-year-old activist, as the woman with whom Benjamin allegedly had an affair. Camille has more than 298,000 followers on social media, and she regularly intervenes in the European Parliament, addressing issues related to the environment and climate change.

A Love Story Worthy of a Movie

Natalie and Benjamin met on the set of the film Black Swan in 2009 and fell in love. They have two children together, Aleph and Amalia. Despite the recent rumors, the couple seems to be doing everything possible to save their marriage, and Natalie continues to wear her wedding ring in public.

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