Natalie Vértiz on surgeries: As long as one is happy, it is fine (VIDEO)

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The host of the Saturday program ‘You are in all’, Natalie Vértiz defended the use of surgeries that artists undergo in order to look and feel good.

This was stated, after presenting a note from Hollywood artists who have completely changed after undergoing surgical procedures to stay young and beautiful.

No problems with retouching, Now everyone does some little things, a little nothing, but what happens is that sometimes one loses the horizon”Said Natalie Vértiz. To which Choca replied laughing: “I have a friend who (lost the horizon)”.

However, Natalie pointed out that people who decide to have plastic surgery cannot be judged. “You cannot judge, but at what point does one lose the compass and how does one go forward”, He mentioned.

In turn, Choca asked his driving partner: “There are people who like to get their touch-ups done and they look good and they like each other, how would you do when you like yourself, but not everyone?” Immediately. Vertiz replied: “Nothing, you multiply the opinion of others by zero, as long as one is happy it is fine and that it does not threaten health”.

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