Natanael Cano: Making His Acting Debut in the Exciting HBO Max Series!

Natanael Cano Ventures into Acting with HBO Max Series “VLGY”

Mexican singer Natanael Cano has added yet another star to his artistic career as he takes on the challenge of acting in the HBO Max series “VLGY”. The streaming platform recently launched the trailer for the series, which features Cano. In a statement released on social media, Cano stated his gratitude to all the beautiful people he had to work with on this project and requested the audience’s support.

“VLGY” follows the story of a group of young people living in the competitive world of Latin urban music. The series was filmed on location in Colonia Guerrero, Mexico City, and Tlaxcala. In an interview with a Mexican newspaper, Cano revealed that he was thrilled to work on the small screen with the freedom to make creative decisions.

He shared, “They gave me a lot of creative ease of what my paper said, I would change it to another word and then I would go to rest. The role I did was invented at the time. I always changed the dialogues, but I respected the essence.”

Juan Daniel Treviño, the music producer for “VLGY”, praised Cano’s contribution to the series, acknowledging his importance as a pioneer in the genre of lying down corridos. Treviño shared with the same publication, “Being close to someone of his caliber is very cool because you can adopt, learn, see and take things to build something very cool.”

As Cano debuts in his acting role, his fans eagerly anticipate the premiere of “VLGY” to watch the singer-turned-actor display his talent on the small screen.

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