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Nathan Fillion from ‘The Rookie’ Hilariously Jokes Around on Season 7 Set

Nathan Fillion is thoroughly enjoying his time on the set of “The Rookie.” Back in action for season seven, the actor, who portrays John Nolan on the show, gave fans a sneak peek behind the scenes on Tuesday.

Standing on a rooftop, Nathan, aged 53, reflected on his 25-plus years living in Los Angeles. “The city has changed a lot since then,” he mentioned. “I guess that’s just a sign of The Times.” This was followed by a perfectly executed pun as Nathan panned the camera to the iconic Los Angeles Times headquarters, leaving his followers amused.

The comments section buzzed with appreciation for Nathan’s sense of humor. One follower remarked, “Gotta love Nathan and his dad jokes,” while another added, “Nice to know even A-list actors make dad jokes.”

Since his return to the set of “The Rookie,” Nathan has been sharing regular updates with his fans, primarily through Instagram. His previous update, posted on June 24, noted that bystanders were trying to subtly film the cast and crew at work. “I have learned that an excellent metric for how well a show is doing is the measure of shamelessness of looky-loos and paparazzi when on location,” Nathan joked in his post.

With season seven expected to premiere in January 2025, fans are eager for more information, though details remain sparse. What is confirmed is that the upcoming season will feature 18 episodes and will follow a consistent weekly schedule without interruptions.

Eric Winter, who plays Tim Bradford on the show, provided some hints about the new season. In an exclusive conversation with HELLO!, Eric revealed, “We’re gonna see Tim back in the field training rookies, which I think is what people always loved about Tim. I think people liked Metro Tim, but I think people do like training officer Tim, so we’ll get him back out in the field.”

Eric also shared insights into Tim’s relationship with Lucy, played by Melissa O’Neill. “I think we’re going to see Tim and Lucy continue to learn how to navigate their feelings while being on the job. We’ll see them pick up in a place where they’ve shown that they care about each other and now they have to figure out, ‘can we give each other space to do our job and allow our feelings to stay in a safe place but not rush anything and hope one person doesn’t go astray?'”

When asked about his thoughts on the January release date, Eric admitted to HELLO! that he was initially nervous and disappointed. “I was bummed but then, I talked to a lot of people at the upfronts and it made perfect sense. I know how much of a priority The Rookie is to ABC and with this being an election year and a lot of time being devoted to those sorts of things, they’re trying to protect it.” He added, “There would be too many gaps, and the fans don’t love that. So they’re really trying to put us in a lineup where we can give eight episodes in a row without interruption and so I appreciate it for that reason.”

Source: HELLO!