Nathy Peluso visited Ibai Llanos and became a viral bomb for her imitation of the Spanish accent

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Nathy Peluso visited Ibai Llanos and became a viral bomb for her imitation of the Spanish accent

She is one of the most respected Spanish-speaking artists. He, one of the most popular on the Internet, with the award for best streamer of the world of last year in his record. For this reason, it was known that when they got together they would have something to talk about all over the planet. From there a viral video emerged that instantly became a trend: Nathy Peluso made a surprising speech in which she pretends to be a Spanish presenter. “I can’t believe it,” was the answer from Ibai Llanos.

The singer, the Spanish and Coscu (streamer Argentino) got together in a live broadcast that left a lot of cloth to cut. “Good morning, we are today … Well, in what has been Ibai’s program, right?”, She shot, perfectly emulating the Spanish accent. “We are going through a very difficult storm. Are we talking about a special occasion? ”He added.

To all this, Ibai himself admitted on Twitter that this will be the best thing to look at this month. The interview, then, ended in a viral bomb. Nathy Peluso made it clear that she learned a lot during her stay in Spain. The singer lived between Madrid and Alicante for a good part of her childhood. He also tried to imitate the voices of both Ibai and Coscu, although it did not come out perfectly. More than 100,000 people from all over the world connected to the broadcast. And the repercussions count too likes from to hundreds of miles.

In addition, in the interview they talked about music, the international tour that the artist faces once the health situation begins to improve, their careers and also what is coming in the future. Always in the unique climate that the streamer manages to create. Peluso said that one of his worst flaws is “the addiction to perfectionism.”.

The star of Argentine music comes sweet: yesterday it was known that his collaboration with Bizarrap reached triple platinum in Spain. Has almost 250 million visits on YouTube and more of 40 thousand copies sold. With an explosive beat and catchy lyrics, they managed to impose a worldwide hit, which also had a challenge who broke it on TikTok, with more than 700 million views. Thus, it became the most listened to BZRP Music Sessions in history.

For its part, let us remember that Ibai Llanos is one of the tanks of modern world communication. Ed Sheeran, Eladio Carrión, L-Gante and Duki, even footballers Sergio Ramos, Gerard Piqué and Sergio Agüero passed through his channel.

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