National Pilot Day: why it is celebrated on June 24

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National Pilot Day: why it is celebrated on June 24

A June 24, 1911, born in Balcarce the argentinian pilot Juan Manuel Fangio. “El Chueco”, A nickname that he earned for his ability to hit him with an unskilled leg in the rough neighborhoods, he became the maximum reference of local motorsport.

Son of Italian immigrants, Fangio he had to collaborate with the family economy from a very young age. At the age of nine, while he was in elementary school, he began working in a smithy where carriages in the area were being repaired.

In order to 1922, “El Chueco”Worked in a mechanical workshop where he would demonstrate his incipient knowledge of automotive engineering.

The first time I drove I got in the car, started, started walking and when I saw that I could turn and brake I had the impression that the car had life”, He assured Fangio during an interview.

The celebration of National Pilot Day commemorated since 2007 by a joint initiative between the Association of Road Tourism Corridors (ACTC) and the Automobile Sports Commission.

Before standing out in the Formula 1, Fangio was consecrated in the national category of Road Tourism. Aboard a Chevrolet 1940 the pilot got the Great International Title of the North, thus achieving his first championship and also that of the brand.

Just a year later, in 1941, “El Chueco”Would repeat the feat in Brazil, winning in a remembered race to Oscar Galvez and thus obtaining the Getúlio Vargas Grand Prize.

By the late 1940s, El Chueco settled in Europe and began its successful story in the Formula 1. He competed for eleven years, from 1947 until 1958, and won five world titles under the sponsorship of four different teams.

El Chueco’s legacy:

In addition to the championship quintet, the Argentine won 35 podiums in 51 Grands Prix and 29 pole positions in the highest category of motorsport.

Running is not just driving a car. It is also to be of integrity, to live a passion, to mark a story. That’s why no one will match El Chueco, defined by the Brazilian pilot Ayrton Senna on the crest of your success.

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