NATO and the US Treasury Department investigate the Iranian company with which Thebes signed agreements

The United States Department of the Treasury has been monitoring the members of La Liga, chaired by Javier Tebas, in Iran, the Irancell company. For this reason, he made a report dated June 26, 2020 to investigate an economic transaction between a Finnish company and MTN Irancell, the signatories of three agreements with La Liga between 2017 and 2020. It involved investigating six export orders by a company called Anite Finland, destined for MTN Irancell for electronic components worth just over $ 470,000. They are not the only ones, since even NATO has included La Liga partners in the analyzes carried out within their notebooks. Defence strategic communications. Both the Treasury Department and NATO concluded that there is a link between the feared IRGC, the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, and the Irancell company.

The report of the United States Department of the Treasury on the transaction between Anita Finland and MTN Irancell published in June 2020 ensures that this agreement had as “potential aggravating factor a factor consisting of the Guidelines for the Application of Economic Sanctions 31 CFR, part 501, appendix TO”. It was endorsed by Andrea M. Gacki on June 26, 2020, director of OFAC (Office Foreign Assets Control), the Office of Foreign Assets Control. OKDIARIO has not been able to confirm whether the Finnish company was finally sanctioned or not. The last agreement signed by La Liga with Irancell was still in force on this date in 2020.

For its part, volume 9, autumn 2020, of The oficial journal of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence collects on page 105 that the IRGC “affirmed its role in the communications economy through two important infrastructure developments involving MTN Irancell and TCI” and continues explaining that “MTN Irancell was launched in 2005, at the beginning of the Ahmadinejad’s presidency, as a telecommunications company providing 2G and 3G connections and fixed wireless internet service. MTN Irancell has a joint project between the South African group MTN Group and The Iran Electronic Development Company (IEDC). A subsidiary company of the Iranian Defense Ministry, IEDC maintains close ties with the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (IRGC). Following the IRGC’s opposition to foreign participation in Iran’s strategic telecommunications sector, IEDC negotiated 51% ownership of the joint venture Irancell, ensuring that the military would have a majority stake in the newly formed telecommunications infrastructure. “

IRGC is a kind of army within the regular Iranian armed forces, it is made up of 100,000 soldiers and considered a terrorist organization by the governments of the United States, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Thebes terrorism
Mostafa Ajorlu, former IRGC commander, left, with an Iranian player at the La Liga presentation.

According to him US Department of the Treasury, IEDC is one of the companies that belong to Bonyad Mostazafan or Mostazafan Foundation, the Iranian economic conglomerate that depends on the state and is chaired by the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution. In fact, in November 2020 the United States imposed a new round of sanctions on this foundation, which is “a huge conglomerate” of 160 companies in key sectors of Iran such as the economy, mining, finance, energy or construction.

It’s a statement Steve Mnuchin, then US Secretary of the Treasury with the Trump administration, said that “the supreme leader of Iran uses the Boyad Mostazafan Foundation to reward his allies under the guise of charity. The US will continue to persecute high officials and sources of income generation that facilitate the continued repression of the regime against its people ”.

It is true that the United States Department of the Treasury does not monitor specific sports agreements, following the embargo decree issued by its authorities, but it does monitor all the activities of the dreaded Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, whose members hold relevant positions in all sectors. strategic issues of the Iranian economy, including telecommunications and that is why Irancell has always been under the scrutiny first of the US State Department and then of the US Department of the Treasury, in addition to the NATO member countries.

In fact, Iran was the first team to qualify for the 2018 Russia World Cup, but the Nike brand refused to provide them with football boots and even the Adidas brand jerseys had to buy them individually. The reason? That then-US President Donald Trump tightened sanctions on Iran because he refused to lower his nuclear program and no international company wanted to risk receiving US sanctions for selling sportswear to Iranians.

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