“Natti Natasha Unveils Sensational Bachata Rendition of ‘La Falta Que Me Haces'”

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Latin music sensation Natti Natasha has released a new version of her hit ballad “La falta que me haces” in bachata style. The Dominican singer dedicated the song to her fiancé, Raphy Pina, who was imprisoned at the time of its creation. The emotional lyrics of the song express the feeling of missing a loved one, which Natti knows all too well.

Natti was deeply moved by the response of her fans, who dedicated the song to their loved ones. “One goes through tough moments and there are people who are going through tough moments too”, she said. “And one supports oneself. It’s special, it’s magical.”

The new bachata version of the song is a tribute to Natti’s Dominican roots. “People have supported too much, they have supported a lot, they continue to support and for me it fills me with more energy”, said the artist.

Natti drew strength from her family, including her daughter, who inspired her to create new music. “Writing those letters [to Raphy], my music. I go into the studio and I’ve become much more creative than before”, she said.

The graphic art for this new bachata version is a drawing that Raphy gave Natti, with whom she got engaged in 2021. Fans of the artist can look forward to more exciting music from her with the upcoming release of her new album. “I’m very excited for people to listen to everything I’ve been doing”, Natti said. “Within everything that’s happening I always stay positive, with happy music. That is the outlet of one, and with my daughter I am very aware of always staying positive, always bringing her that fresh energy, so that she can also enjoy her childhood.”

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Natti’s fans are eagerly waiting to hear her new album and can expect an explosion of talent from the singer.

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