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NBC’s 2024 TV Show Cancellations: Complete List So Far

We’re only halfway through 2024 and NBC has already faced some tough cancellations. While the network did manage to renew several shows from its 2023-24 lineup, not every series was as fortunate. From new shows like Extended Family to established ones like Quantum Leap, it seems no show is ever truly safe.

One of the notable cancellations was Law & Order: Organized Crime. However, this show wasn’t completely axed; instead, it’s moving to Peacock. This shift feels unusual because the show has always been a part of NBC’s slate along with other Law & Order series. Although the move means the show will still be accessible, it’s a strange adjustment for long-time fans. The show will have 10 new episodes on Peacock, and there’s a big question about how franchise crossovers will be handled in its new home. All four existing seasons are already available for streaming on Peacock.

Another series that faced the chopping block was the Magnum P.I. reboot. Initially aired on CBS, the show was picked up by NBC in 2022. The first batch of Season 5 episodes premiered in early 2023, followed by the second half later in the year. Sadly, NBC announced that Season 5 would be the last, marking an end to the adventures of Magnum and the team. The first four seasons can be streamed on Prime Video.

Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge premiered in May 2023 and focused on transforming cars that hold sentimental value into Hot Wheels-style vehicles. Despite running for 10 episodes last summer, NBC officially announced its cancellation in March. This show won’t be returning, leaving fans of the unique concept somewhat disappointed.

One of Dick Wolf’s attempts to delve into non-fiction, LA Fire & Rescue, also saw its end. This series showcased the daily lives and challenges faced by real firefighters, paramedics, and lifeguards in the LA County Fire Department. It premiered in June 2023 and aired eight episodes. NBC decided to cancel the show in March, after only one season, citing low performance as a possible reason.

Extended Family was another show that didn’t make the cut. Despite a cast that included Jon Cryer, Donald Faison, and Abigail Spencer, the show couldn’t find its footing. The storyline revolved around a couple going through a friendly divorce and deciding to raise their kids alternately in the family home, with some added complexity from a sports team owner. Premiering in December, the show aired 13 episodes through the end of March but couldn’t gather enough traction. NBC canceled Extended Family in May. All episodes are available on Peacock.

The reboot of Quantum Leap also met an unexpected end. Debuting in 2022, the series saw its cancellation in April after just two seasons due to declining ratings. The decision came less than a month after the Season 2 finale aired in March. This was a significant disappointment for fans of the original and new series alike. Both seasons of the reboot can be streamed on Peacock.

It’s always tough for fans to lose their favorite shows, but these cancellations emphasize the competitive nature of television where only the strongest series survive.

Source: NBC