Near, developer of a well-known SNES emulator, has passed away

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Near (also known as Byuu), renowned developer of an SNES emulator, has died of a suicide. During this past weekend, friends close to him, such as the security consultant Hector “Marcan” Martin, have shared an online document where, authorized by a friend of the deceased, they confirm what happened: a voluntary death as a result of recurrent harassment via the internet.

The Internet is not a game. It is real life. I am a real person “

Near, self-considered as a non-binary gender person, collected on June 27 through a thread on Twitter his personal situation; one in which he admits that he can no longer bear an internal situation that prevents him from even smiling. The history of this malaise, surrounded by a constant verbal abuse for years, gradually concentrated around a forum called Kiwi Farms. This American space, known for dedicating its conversations to the criticism of specific personalities, harassment, cyberbullying and other behaviors like that, has been the reason that led Near to make a now irreversible decision: to take his own life.

Kiwi Farms has made bullying so much worse”Explains Near hours before leaving. “He has gone from attacking me for being autistic, to attacking and doing doxings [publicación de documentos con información privada de carácter personal con el fin de humillar] to my friends, and trying to provoke the suicide of others, just to get my reaction. I have lost one of my best friends to this. I feel responsible ”, he admitted with guilt.

The Internet is not a game. It is real life. I am a real person. These things really hurt. I have spent my whole life on this. I have no friends in real life, I have no other reason for being. Only this. And now I have nothing, “he adds, assuring that” it is too late for me, “which many interpreted as the prelude to suicidal behavior, which, unfortunately, was.

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Near begs in this Twitter thread that someone do something with that forum, sometime in the future, because “there are too many people suffering” and no one has a family on the Internet. “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing”.

Near’s contribution to the world of video game preservation has been extensive for decades. Known especially for higan, a Super Nintendo (SNES) emulator, Near managed to run backups of more than 1,200 video games from the console.

Rest in peace.

On Spain there are different suicide prevention phones and help for mental health; all free.

  • Railing Association: 911 385 385
  • International Association of the Telephone of Hope: 717 003 717
  • More Caminos mobile application (Andalusian Care Network) | Android; iOS
  • Link of interest: Suicide prevention / Query 21

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