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Neil Druckmann Wraps Filming His Episode for The Last of Us Season 2

Neil Druckmann Wraps Filming His Episode for The Last of Us Season 2

The Last of Us creator and director Neil Druckmann has announced that filming on his episode of Season 2 of the HBO series has now wrapped. For Season 1 of The Last of Us, it marked the first time that Druckmann had directed a TV episode after having previously only served as the director of various video games.

For Season 2, Druckmann opted to once again step behind the camera and helm an episode of the series, which has now concluded.

In a post on social media, Druckmann announced that he had completed his filming for Season 2 in Vancouver. While Season 2 as a whole hasn’t finished production just yet, Druckmann’s episode is now in the can. Based on info that is currently available, Druckmann seems to have directed Episode 6 of Season 2. That being said, this episode could fall elsewhere in the season if filming was done out of order.

Given that Season 2 of The Last of Us is also going to be seven episodes in total, Druckmann’s completion of his own episode implies that filming on the next run of episodes is nearly done.

"My time in Vancouver has come to an end," Druckmann wrote on Instagram. "I’ve had a wonderful time collaborating with some incredibly talented and kind cast and crew. Can’t wait for y’all to see what we’re cooking! And thanks to production for the best parting gift ever. Easily my favorite watch in my collection!"

The watch in question that Druckmann is referring to happens to be a replica of the one that Joel wears in The Last of Us. Those who watched Season 1 are likely familiar with the watch and its importance to the character. For Druckmann to take home one of the watches that actor Pedro Pascal potentially wore while filming is definitely a cool keepsake for the director.

At the time of this writing, HBO hasn’t announced an exact release date for Season 2 of The Last of Us. It’s known that the show is set to return on both HBO and Max at some point in 2025. Given that filming on Season 2 looks to be nearing its end, HBO could share more news about the show’s return to airwaves at some point in the coming weeks or months.