Neill Blomkamp’s Demonic Final Trailer: VR Has Never Been So Scary

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The new film from the director of District 9 O Elysium, the terrifying Demonic, presents its overwhelming final trailer after the first advance a few weeks ago. And it does so by presenting the true central axis of this story that mixes horror and science fiction: the virtual reality. And it is that its plot invites us to discover a whole virtual universe through the dreams of mother and daughter, a mixture of concepts in the purest style of Silent Hill and A Nightmare on Elm Street, especially reminiscent of a recent title like The Medium.

The scariest virtual reality

This is suggested by his official synopsis: “A young woman unleashes terrible demons when supernatural forces are revealed as a result of a decades-long rift between mother and daughter.” In addition, Neill Blomkamp allows himself the luxury of exploring a new filming technology for Demonic, leading to absolutely spectacular scenes and sequences to visual level.

IFC Films explains it through the official press release of the film: “The film uses a new patent-pending method to use the volumetric capture (a three-dimensional video technology that turns actors into geometric objects). The amount of volumetric capture in Demonic is the most seen in a feature film. ” Of course, the trailer already promises this and much more when it comes to photography.

Starring Carly Pope, Chris William Martin and Michael Rogers, Demonic is slated to premiere in the United States, both in theaters and in digital VOD format, the next August 20, 2021. Regarding its premiere in Spain, there are still no confirmed dates or distribution routes, although it should not take long to arrive in these parts. We leave you with his final poster.

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