Neither Captain America nor Spider-Man: the Marvel character with the most followers on the networks

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The social media They came to measure in a very simple way what previously required arduous research work. Through different platforms you can obtain data that encompass huge possibilities on people’s preferences. Among them are his hobbies and more precisely his favorite characters. Check out the Marvel figures that have the most followers on the Internet. The result will surprise you!

On this note the official profiles of the characters were taken into consideration. That is, those that are linked to particular movies, comics or series were excluded. Each superhero has their own virtual identity and there they share everything referred to from the pages to the Cinematographic Universe.


The first place may be a surprise for more than one: Iron Man is the most popular on social networks with 20.5 million followers. The big difference is made on Facebook where it is described as “genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist” and he has no less than 18 million who follow him.



Captain America took second place a few fans away: currently adds 17.7 million around the Internet. Like Iron Man, the bulk of your fans are on Facebook with 15 million. The peculiarity is that both do not have official Instagram profiles.



The difference is the brand Thor, which is positioned in the third position with 13.5 million followers, but that he does have an Instagram account (although he only has 155 thousand). The God of Thunder also has his largest share of Facebook fans: 11 million.



The great disappointment of the ranking was given by Spider-Man. Incredibly it adds up to a total of 2.2 million followers among the three most popular social networks. How is it explained? His fans are distributed in the different accounts about the films. For example: Spider-Man: No Way Home has only 1.5 million fans.

Ranking: the Marvel characters with the most followers on social media


Twitter: 1,1 M

Facebook: 239 K

Instagram: 899 K

Total: 2,2 M

5-Doctor Strange

Twitter: 1,3 M

Facebook: 1,4 M

Instagram: DOES NOT HAVE

Total: 2,7 M


Twitter: 501 K

Facebook: 10 M

Instagram: DOES NOT HAVE

Total: 10,5 M


Twitter: 2,2 M

Facebook: 11 M

Instagram: 155 K

Total: 13,3 M

2-Captain America

Twitter: 2,7 M

Facebook: 15 M

Instagram: DOES NOT HAVE

Total: 17,7 M

1-Iron Man

Twitter: 2,5 M

Facebook: 18 M

Instagram: DOES NOT HAVE

Total: 20,5 M


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