Neither Disney + nor HBO Max: the films on this platform produce less interest in the public

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The so-called “streaming war” will reach its highest peak in Latin America soon when the platform arrives HBO Max on June 29, as well as STAR Plus, which will do so on August 31. We currently have many services that offer a wide variety of film and television productions, but there is one of them that loses in front of the interest of the spectators.

During 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic drove the growth of streaming, since there was no other opportunity to leave homes and go to a cinema to see the movie that was released at the time. While many that were already scheduled chose to postpone their launches in theaters, others came to the services to achieve further expansion and take advantage of the moment.

That is why Wall Street Journal conducted a study in which it positions Netflix What the service that premiered or performed the most films in the last time, well above production companies such as Sony, Universal Pictures and Fox, and the platforms HBO Max, Disney + and Paramount +. However, quantity does not make quality and it also threw an unexpected result.

The report of WSJ shows the popularity of these productions, based on the appeal and interest of the public and critics, as recorded by Ampere, who examine Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic scores, and audience ratings. Netflix averages 59.1 out of 100 for audiences and 54.4 for critics. But the funny thing is viewers tend to lose interest in titles on this platform faster than other studios.

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Who is at a pole completely opposite to Netflix is Disney, which obtained the highest average from both the public (70.3 / 100) and the critics (66/100) and has a more enduring popularity of his films. In the ranking of Wall Street Journal we observe that in terms of interest they follow Warner Bros. Paramount, Fox y Sony.


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