Neither Dwayne Johnson nor Will Smith: who is the highest paid actor in Hollywood today

Neither Dwayne Johnson nor Will Smith: who is the highest paid actor in Hollywood today

In these new times it is nothing new that actors and actresses receive high figures in their salaries, since the arrival of streaming services has changed the game in the industry with new release and marketing strategies. Official income data for Hollywood stars was recently released and, surprisingly, Dwayne Johnson doesn’t rank first.

The American medium Variety made a report in which they emphasize that Nowadays, success is assured by the number of reproductions of some production and not by the box office numbers as was done before., and it is part of the digital revolution in which we are immersed during our days. Those who have been favored by this are the stars, since The platforms have opened a new income door for them that may be greater than what conventional cinema offered them..

+ Who is the highest paid actor in Hollywood today

According to the report, Currently the highest paid actor is Daniel Craig with a total of $ 100 million, something that is mostly due to the two sequels of Knives Out, by Rian Johnson, for the agreement that the director has made with Netflix to launch them by streaming. To this is also added, to a lesser extent, what he received for No Time To Die, the latest James Bond film.

The second on the list is The Rock, with some $ 50 million, for starring in the film Red One from Amazon Studios and Red Notice, which will premiere in November this year at Netflix, in a payment that includes a post-launch extra. We also find Will Smith and Denzel Washington, with a salary of $ 40 million, the cause of HBO Max’s individual agreements for simultaneous theatrical releases and on its platform from The Little Things and King Richard.

Netflix continues on the list for the salaries of Leonardo DiCaprio ($ 30 million) and Jennifer Lawrence ($ 25 million) on Don’t Look Up; also for the $ 25 million for Julia Roberts by Leave the World Behind; and ones $ 20 million for Ryan Gosling for the thriller The Grey Man. With this in mind, some are beginning to understand Scarlett Johansson’s rage with Disney when a Black Widow hybrid release was made. Check out all the highest paid actors and actresses!


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