Neither Grey’s Anatomy nor New Amsterdam: the medical series that is all the rage on Netflix

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Grey’s Anatomy and New Amsterdam were all the rage on the Netflix screen and set a trend within the phenomenon that are medical series. However, another program arrived in recent weeks and swept all audience levels: The Good Doctor. The show starring Freddie Highmore It is a global success and its arrival on the platform was no exception. Look at the data!

The series originally airs on ABC and on June 7 it premiered the last episode of its fourth season. It was also available on Amazon and Sony Latin America, but he needed to prove himself in the giant of the N. In May it was available in Australia and finally in July it reached different countries in Europe.

With less than a month on the platform, The Good Doctor passed the exam because it already ranks as the third most watched series on Netflix worldwide behind Sex / Life and Me Never. The funny thing is that few places in the world were enough to get such numbers: it is first in the ranking on sites like Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Iceland, Poland, Pakistan, and Malaysia.

When does The Good Doctor premiere on Netflix in Latin America?

The series managed to be among the most chosen even without being an option for fans in Latin America or the United States. Nevertheless, the bad news is that there is still no confirmed arrival date for the region. Fans even started a campaign on to bring the show to this part of the planet.

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When does the fourth season of The Good Doctor premiere on Netflix Spain?

While ABC confirmed that the fifth season will premiere on Thursday, September 27, Spanish users are still waiting for the arrival of the fourth installment that was launched on November 2, 2020. The truth is that there is no official date and time for the arrival of the new chapters.


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