Neither Grey’s Anatomy nor Sex Education: America’s Most Tweeted Show of the Fall

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Twitter is the social network that more than once had an expiration date, but against all odds, interactions grow between users, who with their tweets set up the new ranking of the 10 most tweeted programs between May 31 and August 9 in the United States. Although the series tend to have more fans, the number 1 position does not correspond to a fiction.

This Is Us It occupies the 10th position when it is commented on for its sixth and final season, after the fifth has suffered production problems due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In the penultimate place of the Top we find Succession from HBO Max, with great news for its next installment and new members who will join the cast, such as Adrien Brody and Alexander Skarsgård.

In the eighth, seventh, sixth and fifth place they are Chicago Fire, The Voice, Station 19 Y 9-1-1. Already in position number 4 is Riverdale who begins to gain ground for the launch of his season 5, which has just returned to the screen of Warner Channel with its episode 11. Entering the podium appears Sex Education, Netflix series that will return with its third installment on September 17.

Grey’s Anatomy It seemed to have its first place secured among the most tweeted, since before the exit of each chapter it is common for the names of the characters or a specific hashtag to become a trend. In this case they are located seconds, after a season 17 that brought the Coronavirus pandemic to the screen, causing Meredith to almost die from the disease, but also comebacks like Patrick Dempsey’s and exits like those of Jesse Williams were commented on. .

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Fictions can be one of the great considerations of the public at the time of their entertainment, but in this case the program with the most messages on Twitter was the reality franchise The Bachelor. Although it had an interruption due to the health crisis, the event that was most talked about was the departure of Chris Harrison in the 17th installment.


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