Neither La Casa de Papel nor Velvet: 7 little-known Spanish series to book

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The Money Heist, Velvet, Elite, The innocent, Live without permission Y Vis a Vis they can be a great discovery for many. But for those who have already entered the world of Spanish series available on platforms streaming, this is no longer a novelty. If you are looking for something new to see, we will list you seven options so that you add to your list that you are sure to love.

+ Seven Spanish series that you have to see


With the landing of HBO Max in Latin America, came this series premiered in 2020 that tells the memories of Cristina Ortiz, known in Spain as The Poison. In the 90s, this transsexual woman rose to fame and was noted for her controversial and funny moments on television. But behind the highlights and what appears to be success, hides a tough story behind it. Directed by Los Javis (Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo), the series stars Daniela Santiago, Lola Rodríguez, Isabel Torres and Jedet, giving the LGBT community great visibility.

-Under suspicion

If yours is suspense and you like police, This is the series that you have to see yes or yes. Although it premiered six years ago, this Antena 3 production starring A González, Blanca Romero and Lluís Homar is more current than ever. During its two seasons, you will surely meet actors you have already seen: Pedro Alonso (Berlin in The Money Heist), Georgina Amorós (Cayetana in Elite), David Solans (Bruno in Merlin) and Concha Velasco (Carmen in The Cable Girls).

The series stars Yon González, Blanca Romero and Lluís Homar (Antena 3).

-The intership

Did you enjoy Elite and did you want to see more? Then The intership it’s for you. This drama is set in Laguna Negra, a boarding school where there is no lack of suspense within a school environment. It was released in 2007, so you will see actors who are celebrities from very young today. Anna of Arms, A González, Blanca Suarez, Martiño Rivas and Marta Hazas are just some of them. This year it was launched The Boarding School: The High Summits, a reboot available in Amazon Prime Video.

-Merlí: Sapere Aude

The end of Merlin He left all his viewers excited by his plot, but also because it was time to say goodbye to those beloved characters. But the story of Pol Rubio (Carlos Cuevas) is still in a spin off produced by Movistar +. This series, which premiered its second season in April of this year, introduces Merlí’s favorite student on his way as a student of the philosophy faculty.

-The time between seams

You like me Gran Hotel, Velvet Y The Cable Girls and you don’t know what to do next? Vintage series are your thing and that’s why you have to see The time between seams. It is an adaptation of the novel by Maria Dueñas which takes place in 1934, shortly before the coup in 1936. It follows the story of a young dressmaker played by Adriana Ugarte who for a long time worked in a haute couture workshop.

-Paquita Salas

Also created by Los Javis, this short three-season series is pure comedy and fun. With a very particular humor, the production of Netflix presents Paquita Salas (Brays Efe), a representative of artists who is abandoned by her best-known actress. In order not to lose her main source of work, she undertakes the search for a new talent, accompanied by her assistant Magüi.

-Sea plastic

Available in Netflix, with two seasons and 26 episodes in total. That’s how it is Plastic Sea, the series released in 2015 that is located in the Province of Almería, in southern Spain, and that shows the investigation into the murder of Ainhoa ​​Sánchez, daughter of the mayor of a fictitious town. Racial tension between greenhouse workers and conflicts of interest are not long in coming in this mystery-laden crime series.

Plastic Sea

Mar de Plástico premiered in 2015 and has two seasons (Antena 3).

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