Nescafé, the story behind the brand that gives wages for life

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When it comes to talking about coffee, we have many companies in mind and one of them is Nescafé. Learn about the story behind the brand that has been paying for life for several years. In fact, it is noteworthy that it is an instant coffee brand, within the international company Nestlé.

Nescafé was introduced in Switzerland in April 1938, after treating this coffee at the hands of important coffee growers from the top countries of this product. According to the company itself, its origin comes from afar, since it was in 1929, when it was proposed to the company to preserve the coffee beans Brazil’s surplus from the Wall Street crash.

New ways to prepare instant coffee

It was then that Max Morgenthaler, a coffee specialist, created a cup of this drink simply by adding water, thus being a different way to prepare an instant coffee, but always preserving the natural flavor of this popular drink.

Your name

It was in 1938, when this novelty was born, which they called Nescafé, which arose from the first three letters of the Nestlé company and coffee to be able to name such a drink something different. From then on it expanded to various places and was a great success.

In the Second World War

At this time, the product was a staple and was part of the food of the US forces. With this they found a coffee that was easy to make, instant and at the moment, because it was what they really needed at that time.

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From can to glass

It is noteworthy that, initially, this coffee was kept in a can. And it wasn’t until 1960 that its glass format appeared in Japan. After its success, it could be marketed in Europe, being a more practical and wearable format for everyone.

Nescafé Gold and more

In 1965, Nescafé introduced the Nescafe Gold, which is a premium brand, although this changes in some countries, because in the United States and Canada, it is called Taster’s Choice.

Subsequently, about the 80s and 90s Several new flavors appear and the brand expands even more.

In more than 180 countries

In the 40s, this coffee became really popular and is currently expanding in more than 180 countries. Today it is a reference brand in all these countries and more that is taken into account for its products and also for offering prizes such as a salary for life.

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