Nestlé intends to expand its range of products with meat grown in the laboratory based on animal cells

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Nestlé pretende ampliar su abanico de productos con carne cultivada en laboratorio a base de células animales

The Swiss multinational food and beverage company Nestlé ad which is “closely monitoring scientific trends and exploring emerging technologies” to produce laboratory-grown meat based on animal cells.

Nestlé’s research department in Lausanne (Switzerland) is working with several external partners and companies, including the Israeli Future Meat Technologies, specialized in food technology, in order to analyze the potential of components of cultured meat They don’t compromise on taste or sustainability.

“For many years we have been investing in our protein expertise and developing proprietary technologies to [lograr] alternatives of plant-based meat, allowing us to continually expand our wide range of tasty and nutritious products with a lower environmental impact“and” animal-friendly, “said the director of the Nestlé Institute for Materials Sciences, Reinhard Behringer.

500 hamburgers a day without killing an animal

According to the Swiss multinational, more and more people are reducing or eliminating animal products of their diet for health, animal welfare or environmental reasons. This has led to a growth in alternatives such as plant-based meat and dairy. In addition, the company highlights that it currently offers a wide range of products that are fit for flexitarians (vegetarians who occasionally consume animal products), vegans, vegetarians and people with special dietary needs.

Last June, Future Meat Technologies announced the opening in Israel of the first industrial plant the world of laboratory-grown meat production. This plant has the capacity to produce daily 500 kilograms of meat products based on animal cells, which is equivalent to 5,000 hamburgers.

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