Netflix announced the premiere date of season 4 of El Marginal and released the first images

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It is a fact! The Marginal is back and there is less and less for the arrival of its fourth season. The series, originally from Argentina, is one of the most acclaimed by the public for its controversial and interesting plot. It was in 2016 when the Public TV of that country launched it for the first time and, later, with its arrival on Netflix, this fiction became a worldwide phenomenon.

Starring Nicolás Furtado and Juan Minujín, two of the most recognized actors in Argentina, The Marginal He already has three super successful editions under his belt and a new one will be coming soon. After a brief hiatus due to the pandemic, the actors were able to return to the filming set just this year and, working in record time, they finished filming earlier than expected.

So much so that the next part of The Marginal it is ready to be released. In a recent statement, Netflix announced that the series will arrive on January 19 in style. In these new episodes the story will take an unexpected turn after the tragic fire in San Onofre, which marked the end of the first season.

And now, after years without seeing each other, the fourth edition will rediscover Diosito and Mario Borges with Pastor. The Puente Viejo prison will be the setting in which strong emotions will be revived, especially for the characters of Minujín and Furtado. Of course, not everything will be rosy in this transfer since César (Abel Ayala), who was transferred there, adds to the difficult confrontation between the two of them.

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Likewise, fans of The Marginal they can be calm. The fourth will not be the last season. This is because the fifth edition was already confirmed long ago. Filming has not started yet because Nicolás Furtado is working in Spain on different projects. Of course, the next edition promises to be a success.

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