Netflix Announces Expansion of Game Catalog with Over 100 Titles

Netflix Expands Its Offer with More Video Games

Netflix is going through an important change in its history. The platform that used to be one of the reference platforms in VOD has lost many users due to recent changes in its business terms. However, the company is weathering the storm and intends to increase its catalogue of games to do so.

Netflix Adds Games to Its Multimedia Offer

Hitherto, Video On Demand platforms were dedicated exclusively to the broadcasting of video content. Netflix has grown so much that it has been thinking about expanding its product line for a while. The company recently announced that it is working on increasing its catalog of games, a category that is less known and explored by users.

Netflix has released a statement about more games that will be available to download for its subscribers using any of their plans. There are currently 55 games available and developed in collaboration with famous developers such as Riot Games and Ubisoft. Netflix aims to add 40 more games to its platform by the end of the year, with a total of 70 more currently under development.

Why Should You Stay with Netflix?

Netflix has offered its users a rich entertainment experience, and the new games category may not be the best way to keep users, especially since most subscribers come to Netflix for series and movies. However, this new offer may give users another reason to stay subscribed to the platform.

Moreover, the company has received new updates to strengthen its system, as it aims to combat the use of shared accounts. The updated system encourages each user to have a separate account for the lowest available price, including the ‘accounts with ads.’

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In the future, it will be interesting to see how Netflix advances and develops its services to remain one of the leading VOD platforms of today.

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