Netflix could remove the question that bothers so many users

By: Will Wood

Published on:

“Are you still seeing this title?” It is a question that Netflix asks you when several chapters are played automatically, but it is considering eliminating it.

Netflix tends to make changes to its menus from time to time. After several years, months ago the possibility of eliminating the titles of the Keep watching tab was finally activated and it also works in random mode and other options that sometimes have the objective of facilitating its use and in others of pushing you to continue in the app.

Surely not everyone will know, but Netflix also asks the question “Are you still watching this title?” when several episodes are played without interacting with the platform , simply letting them activate themselves one after the other, as they are programmed by default.

According to the same company, ” We do this to verify that you are still there or to prevent you from consuming unnecessary Internet data if you are not watching content .” The aspect that can be appreciated in some cases, but that is also useful for them due to the savings in data transmission that it supposes.

Today you can disable the automatic playback of episodes in the same Netflix menu, but it is also trying to eliminate the check in which it asks you if you are still watching that title , according to The Verge . The main reason is none other than subscribers not liking them too much.

Have you fallen asleep or do you really want to continue watching the series without moving? Have you lost your remote control? Are you sick? This may happen and the idea of ​​Netflix is ​​to enable the deactivation of this question so that you do not have to interact with the platform in any case . Aspect that will surely have the approval of users.

Letting Netflix play itself without anyone watching is bad for everyone, be it electricity consumption, business expenses or environmental impact, but in case you want to disable this question, why not be able to? Netflix must offer a menu as flexible as possible and it seems that it works in that direction.

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