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Netflix decided what will happen to Manifest

In 2018, fans of Lost found in Manifest a series to pass the time and remember old times. The fiction they had created Damon Lindelof, Jeffrey dear and J.J. Abrams aired between 2004 and 2010, and beyond having divided waters with its end, it entertained many for six seasons. In fact, it was the first fiction that was openly debated in networks, and on which fans built theories.

Something similar happened with Manifest, who in three seasons told what happened with Montego Air Flight 828. It was a plane that took off from Jamaica to New York and, after turbulence, landed without problems. However, at that moment there was a strange event that caused five and a half years to elapse for the outside world, in which the plane disappeared and all the passengers were considered dead.

In June, NBC canceled the series and speculated with the possibility that Netflix revive the series and give it its worthy ending. In fact, a network campaign was started under the hashtag “Save Manifest” and the creator of the series, Jeff Rake He assured that although his idea was to do six seasons, he was satisfied with giving a two-hour film closure to his production.

Comparisons to Lost are unavoidable. (IMDb)

This morning at 8:28, Netflix confirmed that it will produce a fourth season of Manifest. The date is not innocent at all, since according to the construction of the North American calendar, where the month comes before the day, today was 8/28, a number that coincides with Montego Air flight. According to Deadline, the platform streaming has agreed to produce a twenty-episode installment and will distribute the first three seasons in all of its markets.

There is still no definite release date for the return of Manifest, but some actors have already confirmed that they will be part. Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas and J.R. Ramírez have already agreed to be part of the last season, while the rest of the cast that make up Athena Karkanis, Luna blaise, Jack Messina, Parveen Kaur, Matt Long and Holly Taylor, continue with your negotiations.

manifest netflix

The last episode aired on June 10. (IMDb)

Netflix, a machine to buy and revive fictions

Since its inception, the worldwide work of Netflix it expanded exponentially. In addition to producing its own series, with House of Cards and Stranger Things As a banner, the platform was dedicated to acquiring productions of other channels to distribute, but also to relive other stories that were unlucky on their original platforms. One of the best known cases is that of Arrested Development, which after being canceled, was bought by Netflix many years later, and produced new episodes.

There are also situations like those of Cobra Kai, that although they enjoyed a good time, they did not have the scope that a platform like Netflix. Born in YouTube, after two seasons it was acquired by Netflix who immediately saw the business: produced a third installment and immediately confirmed a fourth. Yesterday, he announced to the fans that after the premiere scheduled for December there will be a fifth season of the spin-off from Karate Kid.

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