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Netflix defined the future of Cobra Kai

When in 2018 he returned Cobra Kai, through a proposal as new as that of YouTube Red in which they aimed to generate original content, not even the most optimistic thought that the show was going to be as successful as it was. With the returns of William Zabka and Ralph Macchio to their roles as Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso, respectively, fiction lined up a cast of unknown actors to become the aspiring to inherit the title of Karate Kid.

After two seasons in the hands of YouTube, Netflix decided to acquire the rights to Cobra Kai and immediately confirm not only the premiere of a third season but also the production of a fourth. In January of this year the long-awaited continuation of the fiction landed that also marked the return of Kreese as the most important villain in the franchise. While the fourth season was being filmed, it was hard to think that it could be released this year, but finally the N confirmed that fans would have two installments in less than twelve months.

Still without a stipulated date, it is known that December will mark the return of Cobra Kai a Netflix with its fourth season. In this context, the streaming platform decided to give the show a new life and renew it for a fifth installment. The idea is that in the fall of the Northern Hemisphere the filming of the new episodes will begin in Atlanta.

John Kreese will be the great villain to beat in the next installment. (Netflix)

Thanks to what was done in the episodes that were released on January 8, Cobra Kai received four nominations for the emmy awards, among which stands out that of Best Comedy Series. There are also nominations for what was done in stunts, and it is something that fiction inspired by The Karate Kid did very well. Set three decades after the events of the first karate tournament in the Valley, the show managed to capture the spirit of the saga very well.

Who is the real Karate Kid?

Who followed How I Met Your Mother they know very well that the fiction of Carter Bays and Craig Thomas knew how to lay the foundations of Cobra Kai. In one of the episodes, Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) was in charge of making it clear that, in his opinion, the true hero of the saga, the only “karate kid” era Johnny Lawrence.

Consulted by Moviegoers, William Zabka talked about the theory of Barney and what was his participation in the sitcom. Said he thought it was “funny” the debate that was generated around the show and that it seemed to him “genial” the idea of Barney. “The fact that people speak after so many years and debate it, it seems fantastic to me”, said the protagonist of Cobra Kai, and then pointed out that defining who was the real “Karate Kid” it was not the point of fiction.

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