Netflix doubles its semi-annual profits by earning 3.060 million dollars

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San Francisco (USA), Jul 20 (EFE) .- The entertainment content platform in “streaming” Netflix announced this Tuesday profits between January and June of 3,060 million dollars, more than double the 1,429 million obtained in the same period last year.

In the first six months of its fiscal year, the Los Gatos (California, USA) -based firm earned $ 14.505 million, up from the $ 11.916 million recorded in June last year, and its shareholders pocketed 6 $ 90 per title compared to $ 3.25 a year ago.

Regarding the number of subscribers, Netflix currently has 209 million paying customers worldwide, 8.4% more than a year ago.

The company announced that it expects to reach October with 3.5 million more subscribers, which would increase the total number to 212.5 million.

The regions of the world with the largest number of clients and in which the entertainment firm is growing the most are the United States and Canada (74 million subscribers and a year-on-year growth of 10%) and the region formed by Europe, the Middle East and Africa (68 , 7 million and a growth of 11%).

In the Latin American market, the firm is stagnant with 38.7 million clients and an anecdotal year-on-year growth of 1%, while in the Asia-Pacific region, it has only 27.9 million subscribers but experienced a growth of 9% .

Last year, coinciding with the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, Netflix experienced the highest growth in subscriptions in its history.

However, the company has not garnered any successful titles for months and has lost the top spot in Emmy nominations to HBO and Disney +.

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The accounts presented by Netflix left investors indifferent on Wall Street and the company’s shares remained practically without movement, anchored at $ 531.49 per share in electronic operations after the closing of the New York parks.

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