Netflix Has New Most Watched Movie In The Last Week

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The year is ending, but still Netflix continues to add hits to its catalog. The platform, after a 2020 with ups and downs due to the COVID pandemic, has managed to raise its head in 2021 and, without a doubt, it has done it in a big way. Not only did he renew long-awaited series such as The Witcher The Emily in Paris, but also released new films that became a worldwide furor such as Red alert.

Red Alert stars Gal Gadot, The Rock and Ryan Reynolds and is one of the most important action movies the streaming giant had in 2021. In fact, according to the statistics released through the Top 10 page of Netflix, This film is the most successful of the year since it has been part of the most watched ranking for seven weeks. Although, it should be noted that it is not the only one.

Well, like every month, the on demand service renews its catalog and on December 10 it launched a new success. Is about Unforgivable, which stars Sandra Bullock and is one of the most watched dramas in three weeks. With 26,600,000 hours played, it was, for several days, first in the Top 10 list, surpassing, even Red alert.

However, now everything has changed. This is because Netflix launched a new film that exceeded all expectations and even these two productions so viewed by users. Is about Don’t look up, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence and is one of the dramatic comedies that, in turn, encompasses the most striking science fiction of recent times.

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The official synopsis of Don’t look up dice: “Astronomy student Kate Dibiasky and her professor, Dr. Randall Mindy, make the astonishing discovery of an asteroid orbiting within the solar system. The problem is that it is about to collide with Earth. The other problem is that nobody seems to care. Turns out, alerting humanity to the fateful collision of a rock the size of Mount Everest is considered inconvenient news.”.

Undoubtedly, a drama that attracted a lot of users’ attention due to the great explanation of the topics it deals with. In fact, It already has 111,030,000 hours of playback on Netflix and is positioned as the first in the Top 10 list in the last week, that is, from December 20 to December 26.

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