Netflix is ​​serious: buy Night School Studio, creators of Oxenfree and Afterparty

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Netflix wants to seal its name in the video game industry little by little. After numerous indications about the incorporation of games to its catalog and the official confirmation during the afternoon of this Tuesday, the giant of the world of streaming has closed his first big buy inside of the sector: Night School Studio. The creators of Oxenfree and Afterparty, based in California, United States, become part of the leading company in the sector when it comes to platforms for series and movies on demand.

Now we will add one more new element to the equation, since its specialization in audiovisual content distribution will now include video games in its subscription, at no additional cost. And for this they will have a team based near Netflix’s own headquarters; currently in Los Gatos, California. Details of the economic amount of the transaction have not been disclosed.

Netflix promises to continue hiring “the best professionals in the sector”

“We are embarking on a great adventure: to create the best gaming experience for our subscribers around the world. And today we are pleased to announce that Night School Studio is joining Netflix, ”celebrates Mike Verdu, Vice President of Game Development, on the occasion of the announcement on September 28.

Nighty School Studio was founded in 2014 by Sean Krankel and Adam Hine. Since then, his media leap occurred with the launch of the celebrated Oxenfree, very well received not only in the United States but in the rest of the world. “His commitment to artistic excellence and his proven track record make him an invaluable partner in helping us develop Netflix’s creativity and game library”, Says Verdu, who promises“ to continue working with developers from all over the world and hiring the best professionals in the sector to build a fabulous collection of exclusive games designed for gamers of all classes and levels ”.

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In this way, the purchase of Night School Studio by Netflix is ​​the first, but everything suggests that it will not be the last. After Amazon, Apple and Google, another non-native technology giant in the video game sector enters the interactive entertainment sector.

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