Netflix: Kingdom zombies terrorize with the trailer of their special The story of Ashin

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Kingdom, the successful and terrifying South Korean zombie series, premieres this next July 23th a special episode like a movie of nothing more and nothing less than 92 minutes duration. Is about Kingdom: The Ashin Story, a chapter that arrives between the already released season 2 and an upcoming third season. This is how Netflix has shared it, publishing a terrifying trailer that you can see heading this news and that introduces us to the journey of Ashin, an abandoned young woman who appeared at the end of the second season.

Ashin’s Story: July 23 premiere on Netflix

Thus, this new story by way of spin off of the main series will show us the origins of the reviviscent plant causing the plague that ravages the lands of what is now South Korea. Recall that Kingdom is set in the time of the Chosun dynasty where a terrible plague that transforms deaths into bloodthirsty beings seizes the kingdom.

Kingdom: Ashin’s Story keeps the original series creative team with Kim Seong-hun Y Kim Eun-hee, director and screenwriter of Kingdom, respectively. For their part, the actresses Kim Si Y Gianna Jun play the young and adult versions of Ashin, respectively, while Park Byung-eun He returns with his role as Min Chi-rok, future captain of the Royal Command, who will find Ashin in the north of the kingdom.

“This summer, get ready for 92 minutes of bloody revenge”, we can read in the brief description of Kingdom: The Ashin Story on the official website from Netflix, a special episode that will be available from next July 23th.

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