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Netflix launches a free plan for mobiles, but only if you live in this country

Mainly a product reserved for countries with high purchasing power, the extension, implantation and cheaper mobile phones ‘smart’ is allowing the main manufacturers to expand to markets that previously could not adopt smartphones in a massive way. Now, countries like Africa or India are markets with growing economies in which Samsung, Xiaomi and cia seek to place their entry and mid-range terminals.

This also serves for development on a cultural, social and informational level, since a smartphone means access to the Internet. And this is what is bringing the current reality closer to many populations whose only way of finding out about things was the classic TV, newspaper and radio. Therefore, pPlatforms like Netflix are also interested in these growing economies, because they represent millions of potential customers.

Netflix free

As we have seen on other occasions, Netflix is ​​testing different plans around the world, adjusting them to specific markets. For example, in 2020 we saw an exclusive plan for India by which access to the entire content catalog of the platform was given in exchange for 4 euros, with the requirement that only series and movies could be viewed on mobile phones , but in HD resolution.

Today comes another of those Netflix proposals, but something more radical, since the price to pay is nothing less than 0 euros, literally free: Earlier this week, the company announced a new ad-free Netflix mobile plan for Android, which offers users the option to sign up without having to enter any payment information (although they will have to verify that they are 18 years or older and will continue to having to submit an email address to create a login).


But only in Kenya

Just yesterday monday, we launched a free plan which allows you to enjoy Netflix without ads on Kenyan Android mobile phones. “ When you sign up, no payment option required. All you have to do is enter your email, confirm that you are over 18 years old and create a password. But of course, the requirement is there: Being from Kenya, Africa -and surely the service will also be protected if someone outside the country tries to use a VPN network to take advantage of this.

“If you’ve never watched Netflix before – and a lot of people in Kenya haven’t – this is a great way to experience our service. And if you like what you see, it is easy to switch to one of our payment plans so that you can also enjoy our entire catalog on your television or laptop ”.


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