Netflix now lets you use the spatial audio of your iPhone and iPad

Netflix ya te deja usar el audio espacial de tu iPhone y iPad

Thanks to the Internet and all its services, it is easier than ever to access tons of available entertainment. Many services that offer it are totally free, although for a small price you can have some that are very worthwhile. We are talking about Video on Demand or VOD services that have an extensive catalog in addition to their own series. Here we find Netflix, which is the one that has finally added a function of spatial sound compatibility for iPhone and iPad users.

At last you will have spatial audio on your iPhone and iPad

Enjoying a good movie depends on many factors. To begin with, that this movie is to your liking, of course, and the second that you enjoy an unparalleled audio experience. Sound is an important part of the feature film, but feeling like you are in the action is something you have to feel as well. This is achieved with a good home theater equipment, but if you don’t have it and use an Apple device instead, you’re in luck.

And it is that finally, after a long wait, Netflix supports spatial audio on your iPhone or iPad. This is important as you will feel a 360º listening experience, as if you were in the action, not to mention an improvement in the sound section. Now, although the news is good for all users who enjoy the VOD service, there is a small restriction that will prevent its widespread use.

Only if you have AirPods

Yes, the Netflix app is already compatible with the spatial sound of the iPad and iPhone, but as we told you there is an important restriction to enjoy it. It turns out that this feature is only compatible with the headphones of the bitten apple, both the AirPods and the Pro version. of these. So will some of the Beats series headphones, but still you still need one more requirement. This is not very difficult to get unless your device is not upgradeable to iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 versions respectively. The good thing is that the support comes for all the content so you will not have to worry about anything other than having the above requirements for both hardware and software.


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