Netflix: Peruvian breaks it in the contest program “Engineering Delights”

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Mario Gayoso is not only a Peruvian who succeeds abroad thanks to his engineering knowledge, but he has also achieved the extraordinary achievement of reaching the screens of millions of people around the world by being part of the program of Netflix “Engineering Delights”.

It is often said that cooking is a science. That phrase takes on special meaning with “Engineering Delights” (Baking Impossible), a new Netflix game show where teams of two are formed: a pastry chef and an engineer. Both must create spectacular prototypes, like a cake car.

This peculiar collaboration has proven to be highly effective, as the program has quickly become one of the favorites of streaming users, who can witness truly unique challenges. However, what is really special about the program is finding a compatriot of ours among the contestants.

His name is Mario Gayoso and Although he comes from Lima, he has been based in Austin, Texas, 3 years ago and in the country for 10 years, in 2020 he was contacted by Netflix to be part of “Engineering Delights” as it is known in Latin America.

Mario studied Engineering at the Catholic University and Business Administration at the University of Lima. During his stay in the United States, he has held positions in Marketing and Sales Management and worked for renowned companies such as Univision, Telemundo, Groupon, as well as automotive dealerships and real estate companies.

But that’s not all, Mario also has his own business “EmE Creative LaB”, a creative prototyping and 3D printing laboratory where he has more than a dozen modern 3D printing machines.

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Uniting his engineering knowledge with the vast experience he has added in his multiple fields of work, Mario has been able to provide creative and highly effective solutions during the episodes, standing out not only for his creativity, but also for the pride of being a Peruvian who struggles. with determination, determined to succeed abroad and leave the name of our country at the top.

And although the task of preparing the cakes falls to his teammate, an Italian pastry chef, it was Mario’s idea to use lucuma in one of the challenges, thus allowing the flavors of our land to continue to internationalize.

The Peruvian engineer can be seen through him in 137 countries and in 10 languages. The first season can already be enjoyed from October 6.

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