Netflix premieres: 70 new series and movies for January 2022 and start the new year

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When we are still assimilating that we are no longer in 2020, suddenly the calendar tells us today that we are already entering 2022. And it is that 2021 has continued to have the 12 months that a year has, but they have passed us as if they were weeks. We are today on January 1, 2022, a new year begins and with it 4 weeks of new releases on VOD platforms in Spain. Like Netflix, which brings us 70 premieres to start the new year in its first month.

The month starts strong, since on the day of Kings it returns Rebel, new version of the telenovela Rebelde Way that conquered audiences 20 years ago -although seen now one puts one’s hands on the head because the series is a well of toxic love, machismo, violence against women and threats of rape and constant discrimination, and all in one teen series: Elite Way College begins a new year, but a known enemy (the secret society the Lodge) threatens to crush the musical hopes of the new students.

We also have Occasional love, season 2: When Elsa gets hung up on her ex, her best friends secretly hire a gigolo to help her recover. But love is a box of surprises. And the thriller File 81: While restoring damaged videotapes, an archivist becomes involved in a mysterious plot involving the missing director and a demonic cult.

Returns Ozark, with his third run: A financial adviser drags his family from Chicago to Missouri on a mission to launder $ 500 million over five years to appease a drug lord. And the most anticipated debut is that of Fair: The Darkest Light, created by the author of Elite and that tells us the story of two sisters in a town where more than 20 corpses have appeared and they face a new reality (and paranormal phenomena) after discovering that their parents participated in a ritual with a fatal outcome.

As for cinema we have the The Wasteland Netflix Original: XIX century. A family that lives in seclusion receives a visit from an evil being that feeds on fear, and young Diego will seek a way to save his mother from both the beast and himself. Mother / AndroidIn a post-apocalyptic world rocked by a violent android rebellion, a young pregnant woman and her boyfriend desperately search for a safe place.

Comedian: A humorist finds a new meaning in his life when his best friend asks him to be her sperm donor … and he meets a girl who connects with the cosmos. Munich on the eve of a war: At the tense Munich conference in 1938, two former friends in the service of opposing governments become spies in an attempt to expose a Nazi secret.

Play at homeSuspended NFL USA coach Sean Payton hopes to reunite with his son coaching his hapless youth soccer team in this family comedy based on a true story.

And let’s not forget documentaries and specials like Hype House: The hottest stars on social media grapple with love, fame, and friendship as they create content and live together in this eye-opening reality show. Who pulls the strings: On the trail of the greatest imposters: In this heartbreaking docuseries, a cruel con man pretending to be a British spy manipulates and robs his victims, leaving ruined families in his wake.

The divine glutton: A visual poem dedicated to the gastronomic ingenuity of Mexico, as well as to the peculiar and delicious flavors for which it is well worth suffering a stomach ache. Neymar: The perfect chaos: Loved the world over, but also vilified by his critics, Neymar shares the ups and downs of his personal life and his brilliant career as a footballer.

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I am georgina: This is Georgina Rodríguez: mother, influencer, businesswoman and partner of Cristiano Ronaldo. “An emotional and exhaustive portrait of their daily life”, a life of pure luxury that 99.9% of other humans cannot afford to have and dream of.

Netflix series to premiere for January 2022

January 1


Casual Love, Season 3

January 4

Troop Action

January 5


January 6

Club Istanbul

January 7

Johnny Test, Season 2

January 10

Operation Ecstasy

January 12


January 13

The journalist

January 14, 2021

These black eyes

After Life, temporada 3


Stock 81

January 18

Dota: Dragon’s Blood, Season 2

January 19

The marginal

January 20

Midnight in Asia

January 21

Summer season

Ozark, season 4 part 1

That Girl Lay Lay

January 25

Snowpiercer, season 3

January 26

The Sinner, temporada 4

January 27

The chosen one

January 28

Angry Birds: Summer Madness

Fair: the darkest light

Return of the spy

Youth in orbit

The woman in the house across the street from the girl at the window

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

We are dead

Premiere Netflix movies for January 2022

January 1

The Lazarus Effect


The iron maiden

Chief Daddy 2: Bankruptcy

The little stranger

Loving fast

Love etc.

Dark dawn

Breaking in


Execution order

Beatrix Potter Tales

January 5

4 halves

January 6

The moor

Uncle drew

January 7

Mother / Android


January 11

The origin of the world

January 12

How I fell in love with a gangster

January 13

The photocopier

Without shyness

January 14, 2021

Riverdance: The Animated Adventure


January 20

Royal treatment

Perfect strangers in Lebanon

January 21

Munich on the eve of war

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My father’s violin

January 22

The long arm

Connecting rooms

Twice Round the Daffodils

Honor suit

The Siege of Pinchgut

The FBI man

January 24

Three songs for Benazir

January 28

Play at home

Netflix Documentaries and Specials to premiere for January 2022

January 7

Hype House

January 18

Who pulls the strings: on the trail of the greatest imposters

January 19

The Divine Gluttony

Playing with Fire, season 3

January 25

Neymar: the Perfect Chaos

January 27

I am georgina


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