Netflix premieres an ideal series for those who miss Black Mirror

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Thinking about fictions that made us reflect on new technologies, social networks and the way in which they negatively impact our lives does nothing more than move us to the moments in which we saw Black Mirror. The fiction created by Charlie Brooker It was originally released in 2011 and its last broadcast was seen in early June 2019, with the final three episodes of the fifth season. For those who miss these stories, Netflix has an interesting proposal.

Clickbait will focus on the curiosity of social networks. (Netflix)

On August 25 it will be possible to see Clickbait, a new suspense series centered, according to its official synopsis, on “a brutal crime fed by social networks.” There will be eight episodes in total, starring Zoe Kazan (Ruby Sparks), Betty Gabriel (Get Out) Y Adrian Grenier (The Devil Wears Prada), which will show “eight different points of view” about what happened.

Grenier will be in charge of interpreting Nick Brewer, who mysteriously disappears and videos of him begin to appear on the internet where he is accused of abusing women. In this context, his wife (Gabriel) and his sister (Kazan) will begin an investigation to uncover the truth. The problem is that when those videos reach five million views, Nick will be killed.

Clickbait is a co-production between Australia and the United States, shot in Melbourne, Australia, which was created by Christian White Y Tony Ayres, who will serve as showrunner. The direction of the episodes will be borne by Brad Anderson, Emma Freeman, Ben Young Y Laura Besley.

An alternative on HBO to wait for the premiere

For lovers of stories that mix new technologies with human psychology and how it reacts in certain scenarios, HBO has a proposal that can serve as an advance to Clickbait. Is about Years and Years, fiction developed by Russell T. Davies which is made up of just six episodes.

Years and years hbo emma thompson

Emma Thompson is Vivienne Rook in the HBO miniseries. (IMDb)

The axis is put in a family in a period of little more than ten years in which technology advances radically and seeps into both their intimate lives and politics. It is a miniseries that, like Black Mirror, knew how to predict various social behaviors at a global level, such as the increasingly present use of the deep fake.

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