Netflix premieres on Tuesday: all the news

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What are the premieres of Tuesday, October 19 in Netflix? They are few, but they are. Here is the full list of news from the streaming service:

A housewife, an avid reader of police stories, uncovers the most hidden secrets of the town’s residents while investigating a murder”. Polish production directed by Piotr Mularuk (”Yuma”), “”Is a thriller that begins with the discovery of a woman’s corpse in a park, with a single clue of her identity around her neck: a pendant with the letter W, which is identical to the one worn by a young woman who disappeared many years ago .

Cute cats, fun crafts, and colorful magic! Join Gabby and Pandy Patas in this animated adventure series”. Ideal for the most , especially if they love cats above all else.

In this stand-up special, comedian and podcast host Theo Von tells us crazy stories about the ‘normal people’ of his village life.”. TV host, podcaster and standupero, returns five years later to Netflix, even more irreverent than some people could bear.

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