Netflix published the first image of Chris Hemsworth in Rescue Mission 2

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Chris Hemsworth He is one of the most important action actors in the film industry. The interpreter rose to world fame due to his participation in Marvel as Thor where he demonstrated his abilities for fighting and adrenaline. So much so that, to create Rescue Mission, Netflix did not hesitate to have him as its main protagonist for this film that was released last year.

Rescue Mission arrived on Netflix on April 24, 2020 and was, during the pandemic, one of the most viewed tapes on the platform. In this film, which encompassed both action and suspense, Chris Hemsworth played a mercenary named Tyler Rake. Undoubtedly, a success that did not take long to exceed the expectations of all the fans and the company itself, since it was renewed for a sequel.

The official synopsis of Rescue Mission dice: “Tyler Rake is a mercenary forged in the fire of a thousand battles, and the word fear is not in his dictionary. Your next mission is to rescue the son of an international criminal who is behind bars. Surrounded by drug traffickers and arms smugglers, he throws himself into danger, always on the edge of death”.

And now, after the outrageous and striking ending of the first edition, it was the same Chris Hemsworth who, in TUDUM, assured that there will be a second part. It is still unknown when the continuation of the story will be released, but one thing is certain: the filming has already begun. In fact, it was the same platform that announced it by showing the actor’s first postcard on the recording sets.

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This is what Chris Hemsworth looks like in Rescue Mission 2 .. to get you excited”, Was what they wrote from the official account of Netflix Latin America to announce the return of Tyler Rake. In this snapshot, the actor is seen with a very serious face, hurt and in the middle of the snow. That is, without any preamble, it has already been confirmed that the character is alive and that he will return for revenge.

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