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Netflix Releases Ozark Season 4 Trailer

Ozark Season 4

There is no doubt that this year looks spectacular in terms of series. Throughout 2022, several networks and especially streaming platforms will premiere new productions and the following parts of some that we love. Speaking specifically of Netflix, in the coming months they plan to blow our heads with impressive stories, but today we want to talk about the end of a series that has kept us for years on the edge of the armchair, of course, we talk about Ozark.

Since its premiere in 2017, this production starring Jason Bateman became a hit within the catalog of the streaming giant. And the truth is that we understand it perfectly because the plot of the Byrde family and everything they have gone through during the three intense seasons blew our minds. However, everything good has to end at some point, that’s why they return to the service to say goodbye with the last batch of episodes that promise to surprise us.

‘Ozark’ returns to Netflix to say goodbye with an intense last season

For a long time, we told you that Netflix was already working on the fourth and final season of Ozark. In the wake of the pandemic things during filming were encouraged but fortunately little by little, they returned to filming until they finally confirmed that in 2022 we would see at least the first part of the end of this series. But after a lot of waiting and checking what awaits us with this production, we finally have an epic trailer.

Judging by this trailer, the series will continue where we left off in the last installment, with the Byrde in the middle of a problem and forced to help Omar Navarro find a way out of all this mess, which could lead to the outcome of Marty, Wendy, and company. But there’s a lot more at stake, as things get even more complicated when Jonah decides to work for his competition helping Ruth, who is now in business with Darlene.

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