“Netflix Saves Stunning Documentary ‘Baraja, the Signature of the Murderer’ Direct from the Queen!”

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Netflix Rescues Queen’s Journalistic Past for Documentary

Netflix has rescued the Queen’s journalistic past for Baraja, the killer’s signature, a documentary that provides an alternative perspective on the investigation and media phenomenon surrounding the most famous serial killer in the history of Spain.

Exceptional Testimonies and Unpublished Material

The series, directed by Amanda Sans Pantling and promoted by the producers of ¿Dónde está Marta?, offers exceptional testimonies and previously unpublished material on this case that occurred 20 years ago.

The Queen’s Report at the Crime Scene

One of the moments that has most attracted the attention of viewers has been seeing Mrs. Letizia at the scene of one of the crimes as a reporter for Televisión Española.

The Queen Becomes News for Her Informative Work

On 18 March 2003, all eyes were on Arganda del Rey and the Queen went there to report on the murder of George and Doina Magda, both 40 years old, a Romanian couple with whom two cards appeared, the three and four of drinks. Ana Blanco, from Torrespaña, connected live with her and asked her if the crime had committed in an isolated place.

A Murky Crime

“Yes, it’s quite a secluded place, a kind of dirt road that those who live here use to walk and to walk their dogs. It’s also surrounded by olive trees. I don’t know if you can see a police cordon behind me. Behind that cordon, there are still several agents investigating and combing the area, looking for clues that shed light on a crime that has shaken the residents of Arganda del Rey,” Doña Letizia reported.

Previous Crimes and a Serial Killer

In her chronicle, she also said: “Everyone asks the same question: Is this crime the work of the murderer of the deck?” That murder occurred after several previous crimes. On January 24, 2003, the deck killer shot his first victim in the morning and the second in the afternoon; on February 5 he killed his third victim and on March 7 the fourth. The murder of Arganda del Rey was the last one he committed.

A Familiar Connection

On July 3, the murderer, Alfredo Galán Sotillo, turned himself in at the Puertollano police station, Ciudad Real, his hometown. He already knew Don Felipe when he had to cover this case, since the first time they met was on October 17, 2002, at the house of the former director and presenter of Documentos TV and Informe Semanal. Don Felipe and Doña Letizia, being the youngest, sat together and did not stop talking and laughing throughout the night. At that time, there was no crush, but those present realized the “chemistry” that existed between them; of how they “abandoned” the general conversation to chat among themselves about “their things”. That dinner “was a casual meeting that had no consequence”, as Doña Letizia explained on November 6, 2003, during the marriage proposal in El Pardo. “It was in the spring (of 2003) when we had more contact and that paid off,” he clarified.

The Queen’s Passion for Journalism

Doña Letizia put aside her journalistic work to marry don Felipe; however, as he recalled during the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Information Sciences, she has not lost the passion for what was her profession. “I believe that curiosity does not go away, what happens is that now I no longer count the responses they give me,” she said.

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