Netflix shared the trailer for Red Alert

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Netflix shared the trailer for his long-awaited movie Red alert, starring figures that are on the rise: Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot y Ryan Reynolds. Each of the actors received 20 million dollars for this participation and the budget of the film amounts to 200 million of the North American currency. Absolute record for the streaming giant! Are you ready to enjoy this story?

Interpol marked two elusive criminals with a Red alert that started the hunt for the thugs. The person in charge of bringing the thieves before the Law is an FBI agent who has been tracking them throughout the entire planet. Gal Gadot plays the number one thief who has very well covered her tracks behind each of her blows.

A luxury threesome for the new Netflix

On the other hand, Ryan Reynolds makes use of his histrionics and absurd humor that characterize him in his professional life. On one occasion The Rock He’s about to stop him and Ryan’s character asks him where he bought that leather jacket. “There is a cow that is getting cold”, is the deduction of the criminal.

Everything indicates that at some point in the film the characters of Dwayne Johnson y Ryan Reynolds they will be detained in Russia and will have to work together. It seems that the dangerous and cunning girl, Gal Gadot, it will surprise them in some way and they will be at the mercy of the beautiful criminal.

Gal Gadot dazzles in Red Alert. Photo: IMDb.

Netflix trust this trio of actors who are the most successful names of the moment. Ryan Reynolds amazed with Free Guy while Dwayne Johnson remains one of the top salaries in the industry and we can currently see it in Jungle Cruise. ¿Gal Gadot? It is Wonder Woman! It quickly reached icon status. The film will be released on November 12.

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