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Netflix signings for the second season of Bridgerton

The second season of Bridgerton it is a fact. The actors are already working, after a long hiatus due to COVID, on the new chapters of one of Netflix’s most acclaimed series. In fact, the main cast performed at TUDUM, the global fan platform event, and they not only showed the first preview, but also announced that the series will premiere next year.

The fact that they had to keep waiting was disappointing for fans of Bridgerton, but still, some details of what is to come are already known. Although the plot has been known for a long time since it is the story based on the books by Diana Gabaldón, now it is known who will play each character. And, from Spoiler, we present them to you.

The 5 new Netflix signings for the second season of Bridgerton:

1. Rupert Evans:

He was one of the first confirmed actors for Bridgerton. The actor will play a decisive role in the second season as he will be the head of the family: Edmund, the father of the main brothers. And, although in the story he passed away long ago, it will appear in flashback format.

2. Simone Ashley:

It is one of the great revelations incorporated into Bridgerton. The actress, after the furore of Sex Education, will play Kate Sharma, Anthony Bridgerton’s love interest, played by Jonathan Bailey.

3. Charithra Chandran:

The young actress will play Edwina Sharma, Kate’s younger sister. The girl learned to be the perfect debutante thanks to her sister, who taught her everything she will show in her season. Characterized by her kindness, tenderness and sympathy, she is clear about what she is looking for: true love.

4. Calam Lynch:

He will be the one who will give life to Theo Sharpe, an intellectual who belongs to the working class since he is a printing assistant. His arrival in Bridgerton has the objective of fighting for the rights of all.

5. Rupert Young:

He will play one of the most controversial characters of the second season. It will be far from court, but it will give the main family a lot of trouble. Jack has just arrived in society and despite his class, he is very well connected with one of the noblest families.

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