Netflix: Squid Game has the most successful series launch so far

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The South Korean thriller series “Squid Game” has launched the most successful Netflix series of all time: The operator of the streaming service announced on Twitter that it has already reached over 111 million accounts. According to Netflix, “Squid Game” is the first series ever to break the 100 million mark on the platform within the first 28 days.

The previous top runner was the drama series “Bridgerton”, which was viewed by 82 million Netflix accounts within 28 days. Previously, the fantasy series “The Witcher” was number 1 in the ranking. Netflix relates the numbers to accounts that have watched an episode for at least two minutes. At least people should be fished from the statistics who accidentally started the video. This metric is often criticized, but at least ensures comparability with other Netflix titles.

“Squid Game” celebrated its premiere on September 17th, almost a month ago. On Twitter, Netflix writes that it only took 17 days for the series to become the biggest series launch of all time on Netflix. Whether the quoted 111 million viewers were reached after 17 days or whether they reflect the latest status is not clear from the tweet. heise online asked Netflix for clarification.

The thriller series “Squid Game” is a South Korean production that tells the story of indebted people who compete against each other in deadly children’s games. The winners can look forward to high prize money, the losers face death.

At the end of September, Netflix gave an insight into the most successful films and series on the platform at the time. For this purpose, Netflix had, among other things, evaluated the total hours that viewers spent with films and series in their first 28 days on the streaming service. The list is led by the first season of “Bridgerton” with 625 million hours of viewing time, followed by the fourth season of “House of Money” with 619 million viewing hours. Also on the list: “Stranger Things”, “13 Reasons Why” and “The Witcher”. “Squid Game” didn’t appear on the list yet.

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