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Netflix: Today’s premieres February 9, 2021 (VIDEO)

There is no doubt that millions of users of Netflix They have been very anxiously waiting for the new productions to be released on the platform, so here in The Truth News we present the premieres for this month of February 2021.

As we had anticipated in previous articles, this Tuesday February 9 from 2021, the documentary arrives on Netflix “Planet Earth Mission” as the only premiere on the platform after a series of productions released over the weekend.

It is a documentary about eight visionaries who were included for two years in a replica of the terrestrial ecosystem in order to prepare for a ecological disaster. Everything happens in 1991.

“Planet Earth Mission” is directed by Matt Wolf

This production is about a scientific experiment called Biosphere 2. The nearly two-hour long documentary was directed by Matt Wolf and released in May 2020 in the United States.

During the month of February, Netflix revealed several series, films and documentaries that it has prepared for the second month of 2021, among which are; the second season of “Chopped”.

In the same way, on February 5, it was released “Malcolm and Marie”, a documentary about Pelé’s life starring Zendaya and John David Washington, as well as “Call me by your name”, starring Timothée Chalamet.

That same date, “Space Sweepers” was also released, a film set in the year 2092 and in which the consequences of pollution for our planet are shown. It opens on February 5.

In addition, during this month of February, all users of the streaming platform will be able to find films such as: Karate Kid, Ace Ventura: a madman in Africa and Euroviaje in the catalog.

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